This class has taught me a lot about caring for other’s opinions, ideas, and to be able to incorporate others ideas into my projects, presentations, and papers in order to make these stronger. One of the references that I found to be the most helpful was the Makau and Marty book because it really gave a good perspective of the importance of the incorporation of arguments and the difference between these kind of arguments as opposed to a persuasive essay when one’s own opinion is often pushed in order to be taken into consideration. Another factor that I feel helped me a lot when it came to caring about my work and other’s work were the comments and responses that we incorporated in our blogs. By reading others work and knowing that our own entries were going to be read by our peers as well as by our professor helped us think outside the box and consider other’s opinions and others outlooks when it came to certain issues and controversial topics.


Makau, J. M., & Marty, D. L. (2001). Cooperative argumentation: a model for deliberative community. Prospect Heights, Ill.: Waveland Press

Blog Entries/Responses:


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