Constructing Knowledge

Constructing Knowledge

One of the ways that I feel that I have further constructed my knowledge is developing new techniques to conquer my goals and make them possible. In this class, we were prompted to develop goals, which we tracked in our blog entries throughout the semester. Through personal discussion in the listening dyads and with professor Gayle, we were able to analyze our goals and contruct new ways of dealing with them to be successful. Another piece that I found to be very helpful were the relaxation exercises that we were prompted to do the last few weeks of the semester. By learning to concentrate and meditate in our goals and figure out what we needed to do in order to acheive what we needed gave us a deeper understanding of how to contruct our future and how to acheive our goals, without getting too stressed out and most importantly to keep track of everything that needed to be done.


-Listening Dyads (Class Discussions)

-De-Stress Exercises, Weeks 13&14

-Goals Updates, Personal Blog Entries:


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