Being a Better Student

Being a Better Student

When it comes to becoming a better student, i feel like there’s been a few factors that have contributed to my success this semester. The Learning Style Quiz that we took at the beginning of the semester helped me realize that i’m a very reflective thinker and that in order for me to fully understand what’s going on and reflect upon the things that I need to do in order to have a successful outome for the project or work that I am doing. One of the things that I think helped me a lot were the goals that we were prompted to set in Blog #1. With these goals, I became a better student because I focused on finishing my work on time and on cooperating more in class in order to get a better idea on what my thoughts and opinions were especially when it came to controversial issues such as the roundtables about childhood obesity and our final papers which are filled with different ideas and opinions and perspectives that range from one view of the issue to another.


Blog #1:

Learning Style Quiz

Personal Discussion in Roundtable Groups



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