One of the many aspects that I enjoyed about this class was that not only was I able to integrate a lot of the concepts that I learned to my everyday life, but I a lot of the things that I learned in this class helped me in other classes that I took this semester. A lot of the concepts I found to a few of the Human Communications classes that I have taken in the past semester. Not only does the course  and the Coopertive Argumentation encourage us to reflect upon our thoughts and think differently about things, but it also encourages us to view things from different points of view in order to properly understand the topic that is being spoken about. This was specifically important in the Women Theories class that I took last semester because our opinion needs to be strong when it comes to certain topics, but it is necessary for us to be very cautious of other points of views when expressing our thoughts about certain issues. The dyads were also exercises that I have integrated into my daily life. It’s very interesting that after doing this in class a few times, I am able to sit and listen to other people’s opinions without the urge to interrupt. Although I voice my opinion at a given point about what I think about the given topic, it is nice to see how people’s thoughts and ideas develop when they have the time and freedom to speak freely.


Listening Dyads

Makau, J. M., & Marty, D. L. (2001). Cooperative argumentation: a model for deliberative community. Prospect Heights, Ill.: Waveland Press.


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