Human Dimension

Human Dimension

 This section mainly focuses on group work and learning to interact and work as a team rather than individually. I believe that a perfect example of this was the experience that I had with our Roundtable Presentations. In these presentions, my team and I learned to work together and finish our work within a day and a half because due to some circumstances we had to present a week early. Meeting with my team taught me how to understand and respect different points of view and different ways of working and putting projects together. Although we were working under pressure, I felt like we did a very good job and we put together a good presentation. Another aspect of human dimension were the listening dyads that we did in class. Working in teams and partners practically on a daily basis really improved my skills when it comes to listening and speaking to others. Before this class I was a little hesitant when it came to sharing my opinion with my peers but after this I definately feel a lot more comfortable sharing my opinion and  I have higher hopes when it comes to working in teams.


Roundtable Discussinons/Presentations

Listening Dyads

Roundtable Presentation Reflection Blog Entry:


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