Managing Complex Projects

Managing Complex Projects

Managing complex projects and ideas was definately one of the concepts that I feel I learned the most about in this class. The idea of breaking up a project into different pieces and ideas and handling them seperately in order to further understand them and manage to do a better job with them were something that I wasn’t very confident with.  The Round Table group project that we did definately taught me a lot in this area. My team mates and I split up the work and research and we managed to get very good research in different ideas that integrated into the same topic. In my blog entry #4, I reflected upon the different aspects that we faced with our research, “..we were considerate of different factors that contributed to the problem instead of pointing our one issue and stopping.” I think this shows that we managed to tackle a problem that was complex because it had many different answers and we did our best to find all of them. In our research paper, we broke up our research into an outline which helped out a lot when it came time to write up such a complex paper because I had information from different sources and the outline helped me manage my thoughts and ideas and prevented me from forgetting parts of the information.


Blog Entry #4:

Final Essay Outline:

Final Outline


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