I believe that this class had a very big influence on the way that I have developed my communication skills. I am not very fond of speaking in public, especially when it comes to integrating personal thoughts or feelings on certain points of view which might cause controversy, because I fear that if other’s have different way of thinking they will completely ignore my opinion and my arguments due to their way of thinking. In this class, we were introduced to listening dyads. With these listening techniques, we were to listen to our peers and their opinions when it came to certain topics without interrupting and when we got our turn, being listened to without the fear of being interruped was very liberating and it was easier to understand the concepts that we were trying to put across. In my blog entry #2, I mentioned, “I found our team to be very respectful to other perspectives and to different opinions.” Reflecting on this, I realize that I have become a lot more comfortable when it comes to communicating my opinion across to others because I had the priviledge of working with very responsible and very respectful peers.


-Listening Dyads

-Roundtable Presentation Group’s Personal Discussions

-Blog Entry #2:


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