Self-Directed Learning

Self-Directed Learning

I believe that this class has really helped me get one step closer into closing my college education and being ready for my adult life in the workforce. I feel like my communication and listening skills really became stronger with the rountable presentations and knowing that we were all looking at different aspects derived from the same topic really helped me realize the different ideas and forms of research that can be taken from one issue, or one concept. Another concept that helped me that I have applied to my everyday life were the deadlines that we needed to meet. These deadlines were especially important because the deadlines weren’t only for professor Gayle to receive our work, but rather for our classmates to have the time to read and analyze the work. I felt like this was a very important pressure to us because in further years we will be working in teams with others and it will be especially important to take their time and their dedication into consideration in order to be able to efficiently work with others in the future.


Rountable Project Research/Presentation

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