Foundational Knowledge

Foundational Knowledge

I believe that the foundational knowledge for this class was given to us by the Makau&Marty book, Coopertive Argumentation. In this book, we were taught about the difference in arguments and techniques to be more successful when it comes to coopertive argumentation. This was important because I feel that by understanding the concept of the book, it was much easier to write from a different point of view. Although I would make my point and provide evidence to make my arguments strong, I never found the need to persuade others to change the way that they thought of a certain issue and convert them to the way I think, which was very refreshing. One of the things that helped me out a lot as well was the personal conference that I had with Professor Gayle to talk about my final paper. She explained the points that she felt needed to be made in order to have a successful paper and this taught me to view and apply the ideas that I had learned in the Coopertive Argumentation book because I was finally researching and realizing that making a point is very possible without trying to enforce my ideas on others.


Makau, J. M., & Marty, D. L. (2001). Cooperative argumentation: a model for deliberative community. Prospect Heights, Ill.: Waveland Press.

Conference with Professor Gayle, (Personal Discussion)

Class Discussions/Lectures



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