Blog Entry #6

Part #1: Goals Reflection

One of the goals that I had picked to change throughout the semester was being more thoughtful and listening to ideas that were different to mine. In the past, I’ve always considered myself to be the kind of person that holds on to my personal ideas no matter the points or interesting ideas that others might present to me. When I realized that we were going to try to cooperatively argue in this class, I realized that in order to successfully interact with others I had to accept other points of view and realize that others have the possibility to offer ideas that will sway my opinion and help make me a better listener. When we started talking in class, listening to others slowly became easier. After our roundtable groups, I realized that I had learned a lot from my classmates and I have slowly realized the importance of listening to others and the ideas that they have to offer. I think that if I continue to listen to others and their opinions the way I have, it will help me become a successful listener which will really help me when it comes to working in a team or in the incorporation of others’ opinions.

Part#2: Deliberation Log, Click Below

Final Deliberation Log

Part #3: Outline, Click Below

Final Outline



  1. Martha,

    Your deliberation log and outline seem very through, nothing i can see that needs changes. I enjoyed reading your paragraph and can agree with your realizations. I to find it difficult to make myself venerable in situations, however usually in the end i am happy with the outcome because opening up makes it easier for other to do the same. When we all lay our ideas and feelings out on the table, it becomes easier to work cooperatively. Good job.

    • Thank you! I feel that other’s opinions and thoughts are making me think in various ways and provide my research with many points of view other than my own.

  2. kansasbee said

    Hello Martha, you are a very organized and thought out person and I am pretty envious of your DLog and Concept Map. Keep up the great work. And I am glad to see that you are becoming open to other peoples point of view. It is a hard thing to be, but its a great trait to have. -B

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