Blog Entry #4: Reflection on Round Tables


  1. I believe that in order to address the issue of childhood obesity everyone needs to take responsibility for their contributions to this issue as opposed to try to point the finger at someone else and pass on the blame for this epidemic. The way I look at it, society and the media is responsible for putting products that cause a child to become obese, but we as a society have the responsibility to stay away from those products and keep our children away from those things as well to keep children from forming unhealthy habits that become an unhealthy regimen that causes obesity in further years. One thing that I thought was useful is to speak to children of the unhealthy effects of these foods and lack of exercise from a young age so they will be more likely to make smarter and healthier decisions in their future when the parent isn’t there to monitor their child’s food.
  2. I found our team to be very respectful and open to other perspectives to different opinions. When researching, we brought up different points of view when it came to social responsibility, and ways to take on the problem of childhood obesity and I found that every time this came up, the group was willing to listen to all points of view before we reached any decisions and incorporated different thoughts from all of us when creating solutions or ideas to the issue.
  3. I believe that in my team we were all very aware of people’s responsibility when it came to this problem and we were considerate of the different factors that contributed to this problem other than simply pointing the finger at parents and dropping all responsibility on them. As we researched, we realized that with there being so many factors to this problem, it didn’t make a lot of sense to try to focus on the root of the problem as being one thing when clearly multiple aspects need to be changed in order to accomplish change.


  1. After we heard the reports back from the different groups that provided different thoughts and issues amongst the epidemic of childhood obesity, I think that something has to be done in order to convince people to stop eating so much food that is high in calorie content along with the lack of exercise which teaches children to adapt to this lifestyle and creates habits for the rest of their life. An important factor came up in the presentation of our group, which was group five. One of the group mates came up with the idea of developing a tax on fast food, much like the taxes that were developed for people that purchase cigarettes.

By imposing a tax like these, people would be encouraged to stop eating as much as this food and these taxes could be used towards making healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables accessible to families with limited incomes. Because fast food is so quick and cheap, people are tempted to eat this food on a daily basis, but if healthier foods became more accessible and information of the health benefits that people would have by consuming these foods people might be inspired and encouraged to create change for their children and themselves.


  1. I feel that that my role in our roundtable was helpful and offered a helpful contribution to our group. I researched the school responsibility in childhood obesity and by researching this I was able to offer an important factor to why obesity cannot be fully blamed on parents and why it’s unreasonable to try to pinpoint the problem when change is more important than the root of the problem at this point. While presenting, I feel that the information that I had and the information that one of my fellow team mates helped find controversial information of whether schools were responsible or whether it was the parent’s responsibility.
  2. Looking at the way that our presentation and work came together I think that we worked well as a team. Although we presented a week early which made us speed up the process of our research, we all contributed on time and maintained contact in order to be able to have all the work completed and to know our individual research to make sure that we all had accurate information that was linked and provided a solid line of information to report back to our classmates. If we couldn’t make it to meetings we always made sure to contact by email or phone and that helped us create a positive learning environment and succeed as a team.


  1. nhtom said

    Hey Martha,
    I thought your RB#4 was really insightful and well put together. I liked the idea of putting a tax on fast foods like we did on cigarettes to try to persuade people to not eat them as much. I think this would be a good step in the right direction for our society. Overall I enjoyed your blog and thought you did a great job.

    • Thank you! All the presentations brought up a lot of interesting points and i think it raised many questions and made us more alert of how dangerous these issues are.

  2. gwitherill said

    I think you did a really good job with your blog it showed a great deal of reflection and the fact that you really thought about the topic deeply. I think that taxing fast food is a option but I am not sure if that is something that will fix the situation completely I think that there needs to be other action being taken as well. Overall, I think that your blog was very interesting to read and I really enjoyed it thanks for sharing your point of view with me!!!

    • I completely agree. A lot of ideas were brought up but a very good action plan needs to be put together to have a chance against childhood obestity. Thank you for reading!

  3. dcmind said

    Hi Martha,
    Your blog seems to bring up a similar point that I included in my own, which is that there is not just ONE simple reason for childhood obesity increasing. I liked the suggestion you mentioned about taxing unhealthy foods. I feel that this might actually make people think twice about buying unhealthy food, since it won’t be as affordable as before. This tax increase however, could affect families with very low-income that kind of “depend” on fast food to eat daily.As I read your blog, I did notice that some sentences weren’t so clear, but overall you did a good job.

    • Thank you! I also noticed that we had similar blogs. I think these roundtables were very informative to all of us and helped raise very interesting questions.

  4. hyperhaley said

    Hey Martha,
    I think you did an overall great job on this blog. I agree with you that there is one simple thing that is increasing childhood obesity. I also liked that you included a solution, which was to tax the foods like we did with cigarettes I think that would be a good start. Good blog!

    • Thank you! I found that all the presentations were very informative and they brought up a lot of interesting questions.

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