The Weight of Schools on Childhood Obesity; Goals for Successful Learning

The article that I chose came from US News. It offers information on the responsibility that schools have on the childhood obesity epidemic and provides many facts that explain the many reasons that schools are forced to be tied down to vending machines and fast food because of financial reasons and many other factors that we don’t usually think about as we look for someone to blame when it comes to the health hazard that childhood obesity has become.


  • Schools profit from 4,500-11,000 every two years by having vending machines in schools although they are aware that having these vending machines will lead to childhood obesity and unhealthy choices.
  • Fifteen percent of children over six battle obesity.
  • Sixty percent of obese five to ten year olds suffer from one or more heart disease risk factors.
  •  Twenty percent of schools provide brand name fast food as part of the USDA supported school lunch.
  •  Children are targeted by media television ads by creating commercials to catch their attention and providing many of the high calorie meals with a toy or prize that will attract children and pressure parents to buy them.

EMPATHIC:  This article concentrates on the idea that many children are given the choice of eating an unhealthy meals in school. By the children not being provided with the benefits of having a healthy meal as opposed to an unhealthy one children are more likely to eat fast food, junk food, and lack exercise because they don’t know or realize the risks that come with eating such meals. That is until they are part of the percentage of children that are faced with the health factors that come with obesity including heart problems which is one of the biggest threats to population in the United States. It also provides us with reasons behind the corporations having a tight grip on schools because by selling and promoting their products the schools gain very much needed financial assistance from these wealthy companies.

CRITICAL THINKING: I believe that this article provides a lot of facts and content that show us that schools and the food and lack of physical activity provided for them are a big factor in the health risks that children often face cause by obesity. The answer to part of the problem is very obvious to them but the vending machines, and endorsements from fast foods that are sold on campus are a big chunk of the money that is provided to the school so these schools aren’t willing to let go of these funds even if it means jeopardizing the health of a lot of the children.


The first goal that I would like to achieve in order to improve my communication integrity is to keep the information that is given to me to myself. By not repeating the things that are said to me is going to improve my integrity and I will not reveal information that can possibly be very personal to some people and more information will be shared if the people I’m talking to know that their opinions and situations will not be told to anyone else by me and will lead to better and deeper conversations.

 My second goal is to become more opinionated and speak up about the way I think in order to improve my teamwork performance. By speaking up about my opinions will make conversations more interesting for me and for the rest of my team which will lead to a better learning experience for all of us because more information and ideas will be shared. This is the most important goal to me because I find myself keeping my opinions to myself very often and this leads to confusion after conversations and a lot of unanswered questions.

Finally, my third goal is to avoid procrastination and finish and submit my work as soon as I can. I feel that this goal is important when it comes to working in groups because not finishing work on time affects the whole group because we will end up with missing information. I plan to do this by pushing deadlines forward to myself to make sure that my work is finished a couple days prior to the due date and therefore I will never have the problem of scrambling the night before to complete work and not providing the best work that I am capable of.



  1. I think it’s great you found an article that emphasizes the importance of good nutrition in school as well as the importance of physical education in schools. I really respect that you want to improve your communication integrity. I think a lot of people can follow in your footsteps if you make that change. I also like that one of your goals is to avoid procrastination. As a senior, I can very much relate. But I think you will find how much more time and less stress you have if you don’t procrastinate.

    • Thank you! And yes, procrastination has been a huge problem for me which usually leads to a lot of stress and that leads to me not producing the best work that I can do. I also hope that the article helps us all out as a group to find the impact that schools and the educational system has on children and the fact that financial gain plays a huge role on this issue.

  2. josflores said

    It sounds like a great article that will help us greatly. It has a lot of different things within our subjective topic. Your goals a great. You really have it down to what you want. The procrastination is what I also have a problem with so I’m sure the group will help us out.

  3. Thank you! And yes, I hope that as a group we are able to push each other to finish our work within a good time frame and that way by talking to each other we will be able to overcome our problems of procrastination.

  4. Hey Martha,
    I think the article you found was really informative and will be helpful to our group. I liked the way you broke down each part of the reading; critical, content and empathic. You have some run-on sentences throughout your reflection, so maybe you could go back and break down some sentences that are extremely long. Your goals are really specific and you have great plans on attaining them. Also, our group will definitely work with you!

    • Hi Ashley,
      Yes, I think this article is going to provide us with a lot of useful information that will hopefully make our understanding of our topic easier to comprehend. And thank you very much for pointing out the run on sentences. I will make sure to edit my blog and correct them.

  5. Julien Regalado said

    Hi Martha,
    I found your article very interesting and I know that if we focus on the fact that schools have a big impact on school then maybe people will start speaking up for our next generation. I didn’t realize how the school actually profits from the vending machine; my only question to them would be how they can integrate healthy food in these vending machines.
    I also agree when you say media and food chains have a big part in the children’s eating problems because I too have feel victim to their cute toys for my kids.
    The point that Ashley brought up about run on sentence was something I also caught. What I feel is helpful is reading it out loud and if I have to pause to take a breath, I put a period and make a new sentence.
    Your goals are great and I can understand how procrastination can interfere with putting your best work out there. This is something that I struggle with and as a senior you would think I have learned my lesson. I am trying though, but my work load seems to overtake me. Sometimes I must put my studies first and say “No” when I have to, this seems to help me. The first goal was a little confusing, I wasn’t sure if you want to be a better listener or stay away from gossiping, might need some different word choice to make your goal clearer.
    Overall great work and I know that these goals will be accomplished. You seem like you know what to do to complete these goals, but just let me know if I can help in any way.

    • Yes, I tend to struggle with that a lot and I hope that I will eventually be able to overcome it. With that, I also hope that together we find a lot of interesting information that makes our research enjoyable and clear.

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