Reflective Blog Entry #1

After completing my Learning Style quiz, I wasn’t very surprised to find out that I came back categorized with a reflective style of learning. I wasn’t very shocked to see these results because I’ve always considered myself to be a reflective thinker that gets the main picture of the situation and usually derives ideas and thoughts from the main idea and issue.  Although I consider my learning style very helpful, I think that I need to concentrate on being more of an active learner. Because of my reflective learning, it’s easy for me to lose focus on lectures and later reflect and derive the missing pieces that although usually end up being right, I feel like I lose and forget small details that a lot of the times end up being very important.

I plan on being more of an active learner by focusing more not just on what I tend to think of as the “big picture” in which I fill in facts, but by learning and absorbing small facts and ideas that instead will help me put together an idea not so much based on my own personal derivations, but on small facts that are accurate. This will improve and help my study skills by improving my reading, learning, and writing style so I will have the opportunity to base my writings more on facts rather than my own ideas.

I find our roundtable subject of childhood obesity to be considered as child abuse very interesting and controversial. Throughout the years I have heard bits and pieces of this issue and the different approaches that government and people wanting to create a healthier society have taken and have been unsuccessful. I would like to focus my personal research on the effects that schools, after school programs, and fundraisers have on children’s health impacts and if the educational system should partially be held responsible for the children’s lack of nutrition and physical exercise given that children spend almost a third of their day at school.



  1. You seem very knowledge about what type of learner you are. It is great that you want to expand on being an active learner. One way you could focus more on lectures is through contributing to discussions, because your voice matters! I think it is great that you want to focus on the impact of education and schools in regards to childhood obesity! Great first post!

  2. I think that it is very good that you recognize what your strong qualities are. I also think that it is good that you want to improve your skills on the opposite end of that particular category. Your goal is a very good one. Just make sure that you constantly have it in the back of your mind while in your classes because it is not something you can physically change, but something you have to mentally be aware of.

    • Thank you! And keeping those things in mind when I’m in class is a very good idea because changing a habit is very hard sometimes.

  3. josflores said

    Hey Martha, I really like how you know what happens sometimes when you loose focus meaning that you have an idea of what your learning weakness might be which is a good thing because you could maybe take control of it. I strongly believe that you have something great here and I can’t wait to read some more posts.

    • Thank you! I look forward to reading more blogs from you guys as well. I hope we learn from each others learning styles and ideas.

  4. jregalad said

    That’s great that you were aware of your learning styles and that this test was a confirmation on what you already knew. I found this test helpful because it does show what improvements we may need to make other styles of our learning stronger and it sounds like you also found this helpful. It sounds like you want to be a better active learner; this is a great goal to set for yourself. What works for me is printing the PowerPoint’s and using the margins to take notes that are more in detail. What also helps me is meeting with the professors during their office hours after reviewing my notes because I too miss some important details and it makes it hard when you are studying. I also feel that someone needs to be responsible and take action on the problem with child obesity. I feel that when we educate people, this problem will hopefully one day go away. I look forward to working with you in the team and I know our group will be successful.

    • I agree. And I think that by applying my weaknesses to classwork and pressuring myself to do classwork that will make me better at things that I have a problem with it will help me be more successful.

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